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Nuclear trade & industry organisations

Association for Regional and International Underground Storage (ARIUS) - The mission of the association is to promote concepts for socially acceptable, international and regional solutions for environmentally safe, secure and economic storage and disposal of long-lived radioactive wastes.

Australian Nuclear Association (ANA) - The association was founded in 1983. The ANA is an independant, incorporated, non- governmental, non-profit organisation of persons with an interest in nuclear science and technology drawn from the professions, business, government, and the universities.

Australian Uranium Association (AUA) - The association was launched in September 2006 and incorporates the Uranium Information Centre (UIC).

Bulgarian Atomic Forum (Bulatom) - Established in June 2001, Bulatom is a non-governmental organization and represents engineering and construction companies, those engaged in equipment supplies, the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant, Nuclear Research Institute, Bulgarian Nuclear Society and experts in nuclear field.

Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) - The CNA's site contains information about the association, its forthcoming conferences and publications, plus concise information sheets and more in- depth information on areas of interest.

Federation Of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC) - This organisation represents the ten electricity utilities in Japan and works to ensure smooth progress in the operation of Japan's electric power industry.

Foratom - This is the association of European Atomic Fora and represents the European nuclear industry before the institutions of the European Union.

Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF) - JAIF has about 800 members from those involved in and related with the nuclear energy development in Japan. Its main functions are representation of the industry to government and the public, acting as a forum for the industry, international cooperation, information and training. Site includes JAIF's Annual Survey on Japanese Nuclear Industry.

Korea Atomic Industrial Forum (KAIF) - The Forum was established in 1972 as a private, non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy in South Korea. KAIF's main objective is to create a link between and among the organisations having an interest in the nuclear industry and establish a joint approach to the development of the industry.

Nuclear Energy Information Network (Informationskreis Kernenergie) - A portal to the German nuclear power industry which includes educational material and fun features.

Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) - This is the policy organisation of the US nuclear energy and technologies industry and participates in both the national and global policy-making process. NEI has over 260 corporate members in 15 countries. The site includes a vast amount of data, including operating statistics, on nuclear power plants not only in the USA but worldwide.

Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) - This organisation, formerly called the British Nuclear Industry Forum (BNIF), is the UK nuclear industry trade association and undertakes representative, informational and lobbying activities on behalf of its members.

Nuclear Information & Records Management Association (NIRMA) - This is a non-profit, professional association established in 1977. Its goal is to assist individuals and their companies in developing and maintaining the technical foundation required to handle the increased pressures that mark our quickly advancing information age

Nuclear Suppliers Association (NSA) - This US trade association consists of businesses which manufacture or distribute products or provide services that support the nuclear community.

NuStart Energy Development LLC - This is a limited liability company formed in 2004 with eight member companies. These members, plus the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and two reactor vendors form the NuStart Consortium. The consortium objectives are: firstly, to demonstrate the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC's) never-before- used licensing process for obtaining a combined Construction and Operating License (COL) for an advanced nuclear power plant. Secondly, to complete the design engineering for the two selected reactor technologies.

RADSAFE - This is a consortium of UK organisations that have come together to offer mutual assistance in the event of a transport accident involving radioactive materials belonging to a RADSAFE member. The RADSAFE plan evolved from a number of earlier emergency plans. RADSAFE ensures the early provision of advice and support to the emergency services.

Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum (Foro Nuclear) - Since 1962, the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum has brought together Spanish companies involved in the peaceful use of nuclear power, ensuring that their interests are integrated and coordinated at the very highest levels of safety and reliability in nuclear power plant operation. The site includes details of Spain's nuclear power plants, as well as a virtual tour of a PWR.

Swiss Association for Atomic Energy (SVA) - Includes pages for the Gosgen and Leibstadt nuclear plants. *In GERMAN and FRENCH only*

swissnuclear - This is the nuclear energy section of swisselectric. Originally known as the 'Unterausschuss Kern-ernegie (UAK)', it was founded in 1985. swissnuclear comprises representatives of the Swiss electricity companies which operate the Swiss nuclear power plants Beznau, Gösgen, Leibstadt and Mühleberg.

Uranium Information Centre (UIC) - Set up by the Australian uranium mining companies for public information on nuclear energy. A frequently updated site containing lots of good background papers, educational material and recent news.

US Transport Council (USTC) - The US Transport Council was launched as a coalition in April 2002 to provide factual information about nuclear materials transportation experience, safety, emergency planning and security.

World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) - Following the Chernobyl accident, WANO was formed by nuclear operators worldwide, who were determined to ensure that such an accident should never occur gain. The Association unites all nuclear electricity operators in the world. It facilitates the exchange of operating experience, so that its members can work together to achieve the highest possible standards of safety and reliability in operating their nuclear power plants.

World Council of Nuclear Workers (WONUC) - A not-for- profit, non-governmental organisation representing workers in the nuclear industry worldwide.

World Nuclear Association (WNA) - The WNA - formerly the Uranium Institute (UI) - is the international industrial association for energy from nuclear fuel. The WNA is the only independent, non-governmental, global organisation to offer a forum for research and debate on economic, technical and political issues affecting the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

World Nuclear Fuel Market (WNFM) - This is an association of 75 companies, representing 17 countries, is dedicated to facilitating trade of nuclear materials and increasing the availability of accurate, timely and useful price information to the industry.